Just Because You Like To

They say that if you do something long enough, you learn to enjoy it.  And you get really good at it.  You can even become evangelical about it!

I’ve been lifting heavy objects off the floor for so long that I actually seek it out.  Barbell deadlifts are now a passion of mine.  My slim and petite 5’3” frame weighing a mere 115lbs can now lift 215lbs, or almost twice my bodyweight.  (2x bodyweight is regarded as a major milestone by some).

Usually, the first 3-4” off the floor are doable.  It’s those next 6” that are purgatory:  the in-between area where I don’t know if I’m going to succeed or fail.  A sheen of sweat covers my body.  Every nerve recruits muscles to come to my aid.  Blood rushes fuel to my cells.  All the muscles up and down the back of my body, from my feet to my neck, what is known as the posterior chain, quiver from the strain of lifting the barbell against the undertow that fights to suck it back to the floor.  And then, finally, the decisive moment arrives:  either my brain flashes a “No Go” sign and I drop the weight, suddenly stopping the pain, or the sum of the energy pouring into my muscles coalesces and I lift the bar up through that gray, murky middle to the finish.

Did you know that the deadlift uses more muscles to perform than almost any other movement the human body can perform?

There’s nothing like the feeling of accomplishment that comes with a successful lift.  It makes me feel not only strong, but young, healthy, happy, capable, competent and alive!  All that from a single heavy lift.  No wonder I keep seeking it out.

But my weightlifting muse only graces me with her presence when she feels like it.  There are no incantations or prayers that can evoke her at my will.  Failure is a more frequent visitor, but rather than curse and lament it, I have learned to respect it.  Failure keeps me from injuring myself.  Or overtraining, a more insidious form of athletic sabotage.  And in its own way, it motivates me to keep trying. And that’s what I do – I just know that next time I’ll get it!

What do you do just because you like it?  What are you passionate about?

It doesn’t matter what other people think about it.  You can be passionate about almost anything, and most people will find it interesting.

Of course, there are some private passions that sometimes can’t be discussed with people you’ve just met at a dinner party; those discussions should only be had with those who share your interest or passion.  Someone like me, for example!  I have a number of private passions myself I only reveal to special friends.  But being a private passion doesn’t mean it’s any less worthy or important!

Imagine the cascade of wonderful feelings you get when you do what you really enjoy doing.  Go ahead – indulge your passions – you too will be happier, healthier, more alive.  When you’re happier, so are all the people around you.  Do it, just because you like to!

And give me a call.  Maybe we share one or more private passions.


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