Lia St. John Phoenix VIP Companion


Welcome to the virtual world of one of Arizona's elite, premier independent companions.  Located in north Phoenix/Scottsdale, I embody the warmth and friendliness of our unique and always sunny climate. 


Whether you live nearby or are just visiting, you will always find me ready to be your special companion, eager to share the intimate secrets and explore the forbidden pleasures of a no strings attached relationship.

I love what I do, and you will find that you can relax and be yourself when you are with me.  I will set you at ease with my playfulness and passion for creating and enjoying a deep connection.

I am a complex blend of the down-to-earth girl next door, the refined, sophisticated woman of the world, and the alluring, sensual seductress.  A classic beauty, I am always elegant and discreet in public.  But behind closed doors, I am an erotic aficionado with an uninhibited, joyful, adventuresome spirit, and an insatiable desire to please.

If you are interested in experiencing the thrilling satisfaction of a sensual, seductive rendezvous with an exceptional, attractive, intelligent and stimulating woman, please, come inside, and get to know me better.  And then let’s meet, and create some of our own “joie de vivre”. . 


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If you’re tired of bein lonely
Beat up and confused
Darlin there is only
One thing you can do
Come to me
I got what you need
-Bonnie Raitt

Lia St. John Phoenix VIP Companion


“It is our duty as men and women to proceed as though the limits of our abilities do not exist.” – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Let me tell you a little more about myself.  I have a petite, athletic, yet deliciously curvy , figure , long auburn hair, smooth, clear, skin, deep blue eyes, and a warm, inviting smile, with classic, refined beauty.  Beyond the mere physical, I am affectionate, energetic, adventurous, genuine, and a little shy, at first.  Once we’ve met, my shyness evaporates, and I warm up quickly.  A little bit of an introvert, I am a good listener; I never feel the need to be center stage.

Fluent in French and Spanish, I am well-traveled globally and have lived, studied, and traveled on multiple continents.  I hold undergraduate and graduate degrees in international economics and literature from prestigious universities.  My work experience ranges from banking to software development.  I am entrepreneurial and enjoy the world of startups. 

You will find me an intellectually stimulating companion and that my curiosity has no limits.  I am passionate about exploring the depths of literature, philosophy, business, and sports.  I especially love art (painting with oils whenever I can), and music of all genres (well, I can live without acid rock and some rap).  But I am equally fascinated by the experiences of others and love it when you share your life and interests while dining out or having a glass of wine.

I am very much into health, fitness, and the natural world.  I eat very simply and cleanly (paleo actually).  I love to train and am proud to say I am quite fit.  I can deadlift over 200lbs for 5 reps, my 1RM for the clean and jerk is over 100lbs, and I can do 20 pull-ups (in a row).  (Think slim fitness model, not a bodybuilder – I am a petite 5’3″ and a mere 115lbs). 

I enjoy hiking, biking, backpacking, running, skiing, kayaking, and swimming.  Some of my most enjoyable dates have been hiking one of the local mountains or working out with weights together, followed by intimate, rousing, playtime. 

I adore men and have always sought their company, whether pursuing a career in male-dominated industries or as the primary source of my social life.  I love being with them, conversing with them, playing with them, enjoying them, and, most especially, being enjoyed by them. 


Phoenix / Scottsdale

Body Type:

Slim, Petite & Athletic
5’3″ Tall – 115lbs


34D-25-34 (Enhanced)

Hair & Eyes:

Long Auburn Hair
Blue Eyes


books, movies, music, fitness, intelligence, humor, generosity, well-groomed, active men


Mediocrity, laziness, selfishness, disrespect, cheapness


“Eros, again now, the loosener of limbs troubles me, Bittersweet, sly, uncontrollable creature…”

A true sensualist, I have an uninhibited love of and capacity for erotic play.  I delight in bringing your fantasies to life, whether it’s dress up, role playing, a fashion show or striptease, an exotic locale, or whatever turns you on.  I am known for my responsiveness!

Simply put, I love being female, and feel happiest when connecting on a mind-body level with a special man.  If you are such a man, please read my FAQs page, Contact me, and let’s get better acquainted! 

Lia St. John Phoenix VIP Companion

Lia St. John Phoenix VIP Companion


“Budget the luxuries first.”    Marilyn Monroe

Incall and Outcall
1 Hour$600
1.5 Hour$900
2 Hour$1100
3 Hour$1600
4 Hour$2100
5 Hour$2600

I have a special fondness for meetings lasting at least 1.5 – 2 hours (especially initially) because they give us time to make a connection and develop/maintain the chemistry that ensures our more intimate time together is as special as possible. With that said, after we get to know each other, a fast and furious hour meeting can be quite arousing, for both of us.

If you want to meet for longer durations than shown above, feel free to ask.  I never consider long meetings for an initial date.  After we have met several times, if you feel we are truly compatible, I will be happy to discuss long-term patronage or regular or long travel together.

Couples are welcome!  Please add $200 per hour to the rates listed above.

Travel Donation

Let’s travel together!  Or bring me to where you are!  Please email me for details.

Rendezvous Etiquette

Punctuality: In today’s busy world, time is precious.  I will always respect your time, and I expect the same from you.  I pride myself on my flexibility, especially with established patrons.  While we all know that “life” happens, it wreaks havoc on my schedule (my life) if you are late or cancel at the last minute.  If you are going to be late, please let me know as soon as possible. 

Honorarium: Please hand my honorarium to me in an unsealed greeting card envelope within 5 minutes of meeting, even if we are in public.  Please feel comfortable about this.  It is common for men to hand women cards, such as birthday or anniversary cards.  It’s also important that you embrace the unconventional uniqueness of our special relationship.    Just as I play a vital role in your life, you play a vital, interesting, and supportive role in my life.  If you don’t understand and enjoy this, perhaps we should not be together.

Extending Time: If you think you might like to extend our time together during the moment, please familiarize yourself with my rates beforehand and prepare accordingly.  Assuming my schedule allows me to continue our time together, this will allows us to take care of such matters quickly and effortlessly, without interrupting the mood.



If you must cancel, please respect my time by giving me as much notice as possible.  Cancellations made within a week of our date are subject to a 30% cancellation fee for the time that had been allocated for you.  Cancellations less than 48 hours before our date are subject to 50% cancellation fee and 100% for 24 hours or less.  I appreciate your understanding.  

The FINE Print

  • The latest I will start an appointment is 9 PM.
  • For 3 hour or longer rendezvous, please feed me!  I can make recommendations for nearby bars and restaurants.
  • Donations are cash only. Please have the correct amount ready and in an envelope placed within view.  The sooner we take care of this, the more at ease I will be and ready to enjoy our time together.
  • Rates are not negotiable; please do not ask. 
  • I am not available at any time for “off the clock” meetings or get-togethers.  Your generosity is what makes our time together possible. 
  • For locations that are further than 30 minutes away, please add $50 per hour of drive time

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​​​​​​”Let me be surrounded by luxury, I can do without the necessities!”
Oscar Wilde

Lia St. John Phoenix VIP Companion

Couples & Duos


Have you and your lover ever fantasized about a ménage-à-trois?

Many couples do, with the hope of having a uniquely seductive and highly sensuous experience they can share together and remember warmly for years afterward.

I love spending time with couples.  I love being a part of their sexual explorations, as they learn more about each other.  I love helping them become better lovers, taking their relationship to a higher level.  And, I love bringing them ever closer as a couple.  A threesome, done well, is truly a life-enhancing experience.

Many couples are understandably nervous about introducing someone new into the mix.  A good way to alleviate some of the tension is to discuss the rules, and your desires, together as a couple, in advance.  That way, you set the limits, control the activities, and determine how your fantasy will unfold.

My gift is putting you naturally at ease right away.  I like to start by getting to know each other a little over a glass of wine (or whatever you prefer to drink), and talking about how you would like our time together to go, before easing ourselves towards the fulfillment of your deepest desires.  Your pleasure, your excitement and your fulfillment, as a couple, are what make these experiences so satisfying to me.  Let’s set a date to get together!

Please add $200 to the hourly donation.


Have you fantasized about being with two women, three women, or perhaps even a harem?

Your wish is my command, and I will carry it out with exuberance!  I love duos, and have several wonderful provider partners to help fulfill your fantasies.  Let us know what turns you on – having us play together before you join in, or enjoying a three-way feast from the get go!  We enjoy it all, so let me know when you want to turn fantasy into reality.

When there is a difference in donations between providers, please donate equally to both, at whichever rate is higher.


Women, please don’t be shy.  
If you are curious about that girl-girl experience but have always hesitated to explore a different side of your femininity, hesitate no longer.  Or, maybe you have some experience already, but want to discreetly experiment with someone new.  I am your perfect girlfriend lover.

Whether you are new to exploring women, or experienced and want to branch out, I am the one to help create a wonderful time together.  I love being with women, finding girl-girl time to be uniquely sensual, deeply erotic and unusually restorative.

I will listen to your rules, needs and desires, and then together we will create an experience we both will never forget.  Indeed, you may become addicted!  Let’s explore together.

Lia St. John Phoenix VIP Companion


“Love is the answer, but while you are waiting for the answer, sex raises some pretty good questions.” Woody Allen

“Between two evils, I always pick the one I never tried before” Mae West

Most commonly asked questions from prospective patrons.
When you’re ready to meet, visit my Contact page to make arrangements!

A:  Using the term “services” puts the Companionship experience in an entirely different light than what I like to think I “provide.”  Companionship, from my perspective, is the coming together of two people on several levels – emotional, intellectual, and physical – without the limitations, attachments, and requirements of more traditional relationships.    I am a safe haven if you will, for experimentation, growth, open playfulness, relaxation, and stimulation of all kinds.  Once we get to know each other over time, I also provide, in various forms, emotional support, perspective on life, and good old-fashioned counsel.  I am a playmate, a toy, a friend, advisor, and/or a therapist, depending on what you need at any particular moment.  You might say that I provide a space for the fulfillment of unmet needs.  My own essential multifaceted physical desires and needs, my education and travel, my business experience, and my general life experiences enable me to fulfill a wide variety of needs.  You can’t describe what any true Companion provides with a series of checkboxes and acronyms, and that includes me. 

No.  Any Companion relationship worthy of the name is a real, vital, albeit unique, relationship.  Within the context of the Companionship relationship experience, I provide the Lia Experience, something truly authentic and unique, not a pretend version of another type of relationship (as real, vital, and important as such a relationship might be).  It is best not to confuse a real Companionship relationship with other relationships, and every true Companion is different (and if she is good, she is different for and with each patron, providing what each one needs at a particular moment).  I am here for my patrons when they need me, and when they don’t need me, they don’t have to worry about me.  (Although some of my patrons very flatteringly tell me that they think about me a lot between dates).

A:   What you experience with me is genuine, and complex.  I love being a Companion, and work as one as a matter of choice, not necessity.  I am a real person and relate to my patrons as real people.  While, as an erotic aficionado, I love variety and experimentation, if you have a simple checklist in your head of menu items of activities that you just have to sample, I am probably not the Companion for you.  On the other hand, if you are looking for both breadth and depth in a relationship with a beautiful, complex, intelligent and educated Companion, who just loves pleasing you, then you should consider contacting me. Of course, it all depends on that real, hard-to-define, but special something we all call “chemistry.”  Because of my essential nature, I find that I tend to have “chemistry” with a wide variety of individuals.  You and I won’t know if we have it, however, if you don’t set up that all important first appointment. 

A: Those men who seek a restorative interlude from their otherwise busy, active lives.  Those who enjoy the company of an intelligent, attractive woman.  Those who want fulfilling companionship on several different levels and who truly value the benefits of the non-traditional nature of our relationship.

A.  No, although that would be nice!  Fitness is wonderful, but much more important is cleanliness, good grooming, good health, nice manners, and, of course, intelligence.

A.  I love conversations that range from simple banter to philosophical discussions; listening to great music together; or enjoying a wonderful meal at a fine restaurant.  I also love working out and being outdoors – hiking, biking, running, skiing.  Art is a passion of mine – I love to draw and paint – as well as go to galleries and museums. I also love to have new experiences and learn new things, so please share your interests with me!  

A:  I am a very low volume Companion.  I never overload myself.  Established patrons understand and respect this.  Indeed, they appreciate the value of meeting someone who is always fresh and eager to see them.   Assuming I am available, if you are a new friend, I generally require at least 24 hours advance notice so I can complete the screening process.  With that said, I love spontaneity and do my best to honor short notice requests from established patrons, although, sadly, I am not always able to do so.

Beyond that, a great date requires proper planning and preparation on my part.  I always want to look and feel my very best for you so I can make our time together as special as possible.  You want that too, don’t you?   This requires advance notice on your part. 

The net result of all this is that I am often booked 2-3 weeks in advance for new friends, and sometimes longer, and am not always available even for established friends.  Giving me as much advance notice possible is thus always a very good idea, and very much appreciated. 

Please note that I never ever respond to last-minute requests from someone I don’t know.  (I don’t know why I bother to even write this, as the only kind of man who makes such request is the type who would never read a Companion’s website beyond her Gallery section, and, if you have read this far, you are happily and clearly not that type).

A.  Yes.  Safety and discretion are my top priorities.  Without the security of knowing you are someone I am safe and comfortable being with, meeting you is simply impossible.  Before we can meet the first time, please expect me to confirm your personal details.  Completing this understandably burdensome process (I don’t enjoy it either) as rapidly as possible is essential to any possibility of a relationship.  Let’s just work together to get it done as fast as possible so we can move on to the finer things in life!  Once done, forever done.        

A:  No.  I communicate via email exclusively until we set a date and confirm it 24 hours in advance.

A.  I take a great deal of pride in my appearance, and I dress appropriately for all occasions.  I have the full range of attire, from business to elegant evening dresses, to casual to outdoor, and even to workout wear.  If we are to interact in public, I never dress to attract undue attention.  Unless, of course, you request otherwise.  Some patrons love it when I dress – well, in a way that stimulates their imagination – and I slip quietly into their hotel room or office.  I love dressing to please you!  Of course, I have a wide selection of lingerie.  I take special joy modeling lingerie!  Let me know if you have a dress preference, and I will do my very best to accommodate your desires.

A.  My photos are all current and accurate representations of my current appearance.  Unfortunately, I cannot send additional photos.  However, I do occasionally post “selfies” and new photos on my website on an erratic basis, so check out my website – you may be pleasantly surprised!

A. Yes!  I love meeting with couples and with women.  Please contact me to set it up!

A.  Absolutely!  That is one of my favorite kinds of rendezvous.  I have a couple of beautiful companion friends who love to play in threesomes.  Let me know if you would like for me to arrange for a very hot tryst with one of them. For more details please see my Contact page.

A.  My rates are not negotiable, and should never be discussed, either in writing or verbally.  My rates allow me to be as selective and discerning as you are.   If my rates are not acceptable, I encourage you to explore other options.  However, once we know each other well, if you feel we are very compatible and well-suited to each other, I will be happy to discuss arrangements for travel, special trips or events, or long-term patronage.

A.  Please allow me up to 24 hours to respond to emails and appointment requests.  I do my very best to respond as fast as possible, but between my “day” job and other commitments, it sometimes just doesn’t happen any faster than that, unfortunately!

With that said, I will simply not respond if you make an inquiry with some sort of juvenile “u r hot” type of communication, attempt to negotiate “prices,” ask about menu items, fail to provide adequate information on the screening form, have inadequate references, or in some other fashion indicate that we are not compatible.

A.  Tips are never expected, but always appreciated and remembered!  If you would like to bring a gift instead, please check out my Wish List.

A. I am flattered that you want to spend more time with me, but I am unavailable for “off the clock” meetings.

A:  I have mixed feelings about Reviews.  I certainly understand and appreciate the need for Reviews.  Reviews help prospective clients get some sense of a Companion before committing to meet her.  And, beyond being part of an initial screening process, some men love to communicate with others about their wonderful and often very intense experiences.  This is part of the fun, too.  Fair enough.

On the other hand, it goes without saying that a vital part of discretion (and respect for our time together) is not sharing certain intimate details or private conversations on any board.

Moreover, I find reviews to be a very imperfect means of communicating the nature of the relationships I have with my patrons, most of which typically last for some time.  We are human beings, after all, and much greater than the sum of any specific “services” we “provide.”  The relationship we create with another human being, no matter how brief, cannot be easily quantified by a ratings system or list of specific actions set forth in acronyms.  My patrons understand this, and even share this sentiment.

To really confuse you, however, another part of me loves Reviews.  What companion does not like to read how much a client loved to be with her?  It is quite flattering.  I am quite proud of mine!  So much so that I post them on this website.  Go figure!

(Note, emails and texts of appreciation post meeting are true aphrodisiacs.  And, I hope you don’t mind if I share parts of them on the Review section of this website.  Very anonymously, of course.  If you do, let me know, and I will remove any that you might think you wrote.

The bottom line – I am grateful for the occasional review.  (Assuming it is positive!)  If you are going to write about our time together, please keep the narrative tasteful and obvious personal details private.  And if you enjoyed our time together, by all means let me know via email and/or text.

Lia St. John Phoenix VIP Companion


If you follow a few very simple points of etiquette before, during, and after any date you'll find our time together will be absolutely the best it can possibly be.

Etiquette is mostly a matter of simple respect.  Mutual respect should prevail in every relationship, but especially between a man and a woman.  I am first and foremost a lady.  I assume you are a gentleman, and that you will always treat me with respect.  Treating me with respect indicates you understand the special nature of the time we spend together and the uniqueness of our private, complex, and multifaceted relationship.


Please communicate appropriately at all times. Like clothes, words don’t necessarily make the man, but they sure tell a lady a lot about him.  Polite introductions, even especially interesting and colorful communication that demonstrates a genuine interest in getting to know me, can be like an aphrodisiac!  It goes without saying that I do not respond to inappropriate communication, and subsequent inappropriate communication will abruptly halt our relationship. Please do not ever discuss my rates or my “services.”  If they are ever mentioned, verbally or in writing, I will have to terminate our relationship immediately.


Please take care of the business aspect of our rendezvous within a few minutes after meeting.  If in public, please hand my honorarium in an unsealed greeting card envelope without fanfare or verbal exchange.  Please feel comfortable about this.  It is common for men to hand women cards, such as birthday or anniversary cards.  If we meet at your place, my preference is for you to leave it in the bathroom in plain sight, again, in a plain, unsealed envelope. 

Please be respectful of my time.  Alas, parting is such sweet sorrow.  Our time together is always too short.  But, our arrangement is for a specific duration.  Please respect that I will act according to the terms of that arrangement. 

Health & Safety:

Please never suggest I compromise my health and safety standards.  You chose me, in part, for being like-minded, and that includes being safety and health conscious.  Taking precautions provides us both with mental well-being and a worry-free rendezvous. Please remember that cleanliness is next to godliness.  You will find that being an exemplar of excellent personal hygiene will make me want to get and stay close to you.  To be otherwise will dampen what could be a lovely encounter between the two of us.

Please consume alcohol appropriately.  I am happy to have a drink with you, but I will not partake of or be witness to any illegal substance or activity.  If you do not arrive sober, or if you consume excessively while on our date, I will leave immediately, and we will not continue our relationship.

The Experience:

Please feel free to relax and be yourself.  Experienced and established friends understand that the relationship between patron and Companion can be, indeed, should be, one of depth and complexity, and can encompass all the various pleasures associated with relating to and enjoying being with another human being.  Newer and less experienced friends should understand that the experience is one of wonderful, exciting mutual give and take, of ebb and flow – it’s not an athletic event.  You have pleased me, now it’s my turn to pleasure you.  It is not about “performance;” it is about freedom and enjoyment.  The wonderful thing about established patrons is that intimacy gets better and better, as we get better and better at being together.  It is absolutely the best part of being a companion!  I look forward to growing better and better with YOU. 


Please treat our time together with discretion, as I will.  The time we spend together is our own exclusive, private world, one that is unique and special to the two of us.  If you don’t understand why this will be so, then perhaps I am not the companion for you.   It is for our enjoyment only.  We both have personal lives, careers, families, and friends.  I will always respect and protect your privacy, and I will always treat everything between us with complete and total confidentiality.   I expect you to extend the same courtesy to me.  If our paths should ever cross in public, you can expect me to be a total stranger, honoring our private time together.

Lia St. John Phoenix VIP Companion


I don’t have a large collection of online reviews.  I have never sought them out, and I don’t actively encourage them.

I truly understand and appreciate what such sites are attempting to accomplish.  But the connection and chemistry that occurs and develops between the human beings involved in such interactions is, by its very nature, unique and intensely personal, even mysterious.  We are not reviewing cars, for goodness sake!

With that said, I am grateful to those friends who have attempted to describe the indescribable through the imperfect format of “review sites.”  It provides me with a way of showing I am “for real.” 

Additionally, I thought it might be helpful to share below some of the many wonderful compliments I have received in emails from my intimate friends (see “Love Letters” after the Reviews).

Please Note:

The Reviews and Love Letters below are presented exactly as written, including typos, grammar mistakes, etc.


ID: 268237 – Rating: 9.3
( Looks: 9.3/Performance: 9.6 )


“Kiss me, rekiss me, & kiss me again:  Give me one of your most delicious kisses, a kiss in excess of my fondest wishes: I’ll repay you four, more scalding than you spend. And as kiss with kiss so happily mixes, Let’s ease back into our shared joy again.”

Louise Labe


“Good girls go to heaven. Bad girls go everywhere.”  Mae West

October 2017

While planning a recent trip to Phoenix, I happened to stumble upon one of Lia’s ads. The first thing you notice is that she takes very good care of herself. For a woman who claims to be near 50, she has an amazing figure that could no doubt rival most 20 somethings. She describes how much she takes care of herself, working out regularly, often with weights. The ad took me to her website, and I was struck by how breathtaking some of her photos are; I could see right away that she has a well-crafted sense of eroticism and sensuality, like someone who is very comfortable in her own skin. At that point it was a no-brainer to reach out to her.

August 2017

Lia is careful with her screening, but it’s relatively straight forward. She really has a great personality to go along with her outstanding looks. She arrived at my hotel on time and dressed conservatively as to not attract too much attention. She was worth every penny. I would highly recommend. Read on…

June 2017

Lia is careful with her screening, but it’s relatively straight forward. She really has a great personality to go along with her outstanding looks. She arrived at my hotel on time and dressed conservatively as to not attract too much attention. She was worth every penny. I would highly recommend. Read on…

October 2016

Sorry for not doing a review more timely. Had been wanting to see Lia for some time. Contacted her by e-mail and got a very quick response. We set up a date and she provided me directions day of meeting and condo # upon arrival. I texted that I was there and she said I’m ready and come right in. I really appreciate being prompt so we got off on the right foot. It only got better from there. I highly recommend this lovely lady.

September 2016

We are a couple that had a desire to share our sexuality with another woman.
As the woman in our relationship, my fantasy was to seduce and be seduced by another woman while my man watched, and then we both would seduce him.
When we sought out an escort for our first time, we looked on Eros, and Lia was our obvious first choice. We contacted her right away. She was very prompt and enthusiastic in her response.
Prior to our scheduled meeting with Lia, she communicated several times with us asking what our desires were so that she was prepared to fulfill our expectations. While it was a bit embarrassing at first, it became very easy to share with her our intentions for our meeting. She made everything seem easy and fun.

March 2016

Lia is an absolutely wonderful provider, embodying the concept of “courtesan” in the traditional sense. Not only is she very pretty with an amazingly fit body, she is the perfect blend of intelligent, articulate, playful, erotic, and sensual. I was very fortunate to find her still available with only one day’s notice, so I wouldn’t count on that, although I believe she is a fairly low volume provider. Setting up the apt through P411 was easy and safe, after which we relied on email and texting. She dressed exactly as I requested, and we spent a very nice hour or so over a glass of wine in the hotel lounge before moving the party upstairs. I highly highly recommend spending at least two hours with this delightful lady!

December 2015

Lia and I had missed seeing each other for a while but we stayed in touch and set up a date when I was coming back to town for business.
Lia is a woman who just continues to get more and more beautiful and sexier all the time.
She arrived right on time looking very hot & sexy in A tight Pair of Pants, High Heel Boots, Leather Jacket and a Low Neck Top that showed off her perfect breast, we hugged and immediately started ….

November 2015

Let me start by saying that Lia is absolutely incredible at what she does! I knew right away that she would be a great companion. Set up was super easy. She does verify, and she is very thorough at that for the obvious reasons. Once the verification was out of the way, we set up a time together. In between, she asked me about my likes and dislikes, started a dialogue through email and the mood was set. I could not wait for the meeting. Non-VIPs, you can thank me letter for recommending her. VIPs read on…

November 2015

Lia is a very attractive, sexy passionate woman and very easy to be with. We made contact last week when I knew I was coming to the area..she did whatever screening she did and we made a date…very simple. I met her at the door of the hotel, she was dressed very casually but nice as I ask her to be, looked great. I joked about never meeting a provider into 19the century phyosiphy but I thought I give it a try. It wasn’t like that at alll…we had such a nice intelligent conversation I almost didn’t wanna stop to have sex with her…after she got undressed I didn’t want to do anything but! Normally you might say about a woman over 40 that she had a great body for her age…in this case I’m leaving out the disclaimer. ..she had a super hot body for any age. . .

October 2015

Lia, quite simply, is a doll! She is pretty, sexy, personable, quietly confident, well-groomed, intelligent, soft-spoken, and–if you treat her right and know what you’re doing–an orgasm machine! She is low volume, but I have good credentials and it was easy to pass through the verification stage and schedule our time together. She is careful and does her homework–she read many of my reviews and looked at my profile, so she knew a lot about me before we met. I had done the same, and I really appreciate it when a provider does her homework. For example, she purposely wore no perfume because she knew that too much can be a turn-off for me. THAT, gents, is a valuable trait for a provider and others can certainly take a page from Lia’s book in that regard. Her GPS took her a block away from me, but I corrected that problem and she still showed up on time. When I met her in the parking lot, I was impressed by her good looks and her very obviously fit and compact body. I had asked her to wear a sundress–and nothing underneath. VIPs read on to see what I found under that dress.

January 2015

Had seen Lia’s awesome reviews and checked out her website, what a beautiful woman, her pictures on there really show how sexy she is with a firm gym toned body, that of a personal trainer, really wanted to see Lia, contacted her when I was going to be in town and we set up a date at my hotel, stayed in touch sending e-mails as the date approached, she asked if I had any special outfit requests, I sure did and Lia arrived right time, looking radiant, toned and gorgeous, in a form fitting dress, she is a very beautiful woman, we hugged and …………………..

January 2015

The morning after…many of my naughty rendezvous are not that memorable…BUT…the morning after Lia St.John…geez, I miss her already…want some more of this classy, delightful, very naughty MILF!!! Fit is an understatement…wait until you get a backside view of this lady…I only wish I had lats/shoulder definition like Lia!! And and an a$$ for the ages… She is lovely and very loving…the kisses are genuine and passionate, as is the beautiful smile and laughter…but most memorable is the moans and groans you will enjoy in your romp with this gem!! Oh…and I can’t forget to highlight the muscle control she has in all the right places…EeeeeeeeOwwwwwww!

December 2014

Looking at possible providers for an upcoming visit to Phoenix and came across Lia’s ad and web site. She definitely fit the bill for what I was looking for, athletic, hot and more in more age range. Really great and professional web site but no reviews on my favorite site; TER! Decided to reach out and received a quick reply via email and we set up an appointment at my hotel about a week before my trip. Kept up via email and eventually text and the night came and she was on time and everything I had hoped for. I highly recommend and for the VIP’s, read on to hear why!!

September 2014

I don’t write a lot of reviews, but I had to let you guys know, If you don’t call Lia your missing out. I’ve seen her numerous times and will continue to. She is classy, vibrant, and just a PLEASURE to be with. She has the body that most 30somethings would die for.


Rjsage’s Review of Lia St. John

Appearance 9 – Model material

Performance 9 – Total GFE

Attitude – Enthusiastic

Atmosphere – Sensual

General Details

I have recently met with Lia, and I can report that she is an absolute doll. She is extremely attractive, with a beautiful face (which is not shown in her ad photos) and a very athletic figure (which is shown in her ad photos). She is a bright and mature woman who exudes an air of confidence and charm – and she has a smile that lights up a room. She is a great conversationalist and she has a grand sense of humor. Our time together was fabulous. She is truly “female” in all the best ways you can imagine; a woman who is the complete package.

September 2013

Mytime50’s Review of Lia St. John

Appearance 8 – Really Hot

Performance 9 – Total GFE

Attitude – Great

Performance 9 – Total GFE

Attitude – Enthusiastic

General Details

I normally don’t write reviews but I wanted to share what an amazing experience I had with Lia. First let me start by saying she is a very classy and stunning lady. She works out on a regular basis and has a body that most 20 year olds would die for….. so what you see is what you get. She does have a screening process, and if your willing to except it you will be rewarded. I will see her as often as I can. Guys run don’t walk to see this gem !!!!

October 2013

Redfxfrm1256’s Review of Lia St. John

Appearance 8 – Really Hot

Performance 9 – Total GFE

Attitude – Great

Atmosphere – Great

General Details

Lia arrived right on time and looked just like her photos. She was dressed very nicely and would be comfortable in any situation. She accepted a beer and we chatted at get comfortable with each other. After about 30 minutes we moved to the couch.


I love getting mail, and some of my wonderful friends have been kind enough to send me some “love letters” via email expressing their appreciation of the time we spent together. There are many things to be thankful for in this workd and one of them certainly is you.  You add an exciting and beautiful aspect to my life.

D of Four Corners:

There are no words to describe how much I enjoyed meeting you and spending time with you today. There are no words to describe how beautiful and wonderful you are in so many ways. That being said, I’m going to try anyway. 
“I met with Lia today for the first time. All the comments about her are true. She has the body of a much younger woman. She takes very good care of herself. She is very beautiful & very fun to be with. She is very interesting to talk with and a very good listener. I look forward to my next meeting with her.”

— D of Four Corners


Hi Beautiful Lia…Our date was incredible and the chemistry we have is out of this world. It was a memory you and I will talk about for a long time. – RD


Hi Beautiful Lia…You said it best it takes two:  
We have CHEMISTRY.  Awesome Chemistry.  SJ.


I cannot tell you enough of just how incredible how time together was, we are very comfortable in each other’s company. 
That is really cool and very special…. Really looking forward to seeing you again. FW


Hi Lia Happy Valentines Day. Xoxo 🙂 You look soooooo very sexy and you are one of the classiest and most beautiful women I have ever met.  Love our Chemistry and your kisses and can’t wait to see you again.


Lia, you are a wonderfully bright and stimulating lady.
Quite refreshing, really. We do seem to have some incredible chemistry.  KH


My oh my!!! Talk about looking great!!  
You look fabulous, I so remember your wonderful body!!
Thank you as well!!  TL


OMG!!! Speechless honestly speechless!! HM


Hi Lia, good morning to you!!   Was just lying here thinking of that afternoon we spent together last week. Oh my I can’t wait to feel you again!!  CW

That was amazing – thank you again and will be in touch!!!! LD


The monumental meeting finally took place and it was, well . . .


We have amazing chemistry and I am glad to call you my friend.  I can’t wait to see you again.  BR


One word . . . Amazing.  
Amazing in every way.  
You are very easy to talk to, intelligent and sexy.  And behind closed doors!  You make me want to come back for more and more.  What a body, and what skills.  Such an amazing pleasure! GN


The trip here has been good but I must be honest.
I wish you were either here or I was there. That’s how much I enjoyed being with you.  TG

Lia St. John Phoenix VIP Companion


Ready to have some fun together?  Do the possibilities intrigue you?  Contact me and we can make plans …

Getting Started:

To set up a meeting, please fill out my secure booking form or email me directly at liastjohn@protonmail.ch.   Your request will go directly to me, not to an assistant.  I do my very best to reply within a few hours, but sometimes things get very busy, and I need a little longer.  I usually reply to all emails within 24 hours.


You must include the minimum information listed below. The more information you provide, however, the better it is for me to know you and connect with you.   Scheduling at least a week or m ore in advance is preferred.

  • Your name, email, phone & home city/state
  • Appointment date, time & duration
  • One of the three screening options (see below)

Screening Options 

  • P411 
  • Two provider references including links to their websites and email addresses
  • Your name, employer, company website with reference to your being an employee
  • A copy of your driver’s license

Given that my circle of friends is limited to a select few, I am sure that you can appreciate that my personal safety is paramount and that while I understand your discomfort with sharing personal information, it is outweighed by my discomfort at risking my security.  And surely you want to make me feel safe and protected, don’t you?

Request a Date:


“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; both are transformed.”
Carl Gustav Jung


  • Well chosen words have the power to tumble kings and to make me your devoted slave.  Articulate, thoughtful email requests always get preferential treatment (anything less may be subject to the delete button!). 
  • At least a week in advance is preferred, and more is better.  My schedule is often tied up 3-4 weeks in advance.  Same day requests will be ignored. 
  • Once we decide on an initial meeting, I am happy to share with you my private phone number.
​​​​​​”Anytime I feel lost, I pull out a map and stare. I stare until I have reminded myself that life is a giant adventure, so much to do, to see.”
Angelina Jolie

Lia St. John Phoenix VIP Companion


Gifts are never expected – the pleasure of your company is gift enough!  

Some of you, however, have asked about tokens of appreciation.  And, frankly, while gifts are never expected, they do touch me at a deep level.  Here is a list of indulgences I greatly enjoy, from the simple to the extraordinary.

Fresh Flowers:

  • stargazer lilies, sunflowers, irises, roses, and anything wild or interesting


  • Chocolate, gourmet coffee or tea


  • Books on art, history, music, the classics, and comedies.  
  • Comic books in French and Spanish.  
  • Books that have excited your imagination and that you would like to share with a fellow enthusiast are especially valued


  • Beautiful, feminine, sexy lingerie.  I love Honey Birdette, Victoria’s Secret
  • My measurements are 34C-27-35; my dress size is a 2 or 4, depending on the designer


  • Sexy high heel shoes in white, nude, black or red. pumps, sandals, platforms, size 7M

Lia St. John Phoenix VIP Companion


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Working On the Pleasure Muscles

Those of you who know me know that I love working out.  I’ve listed my max deadlift in a previous blog, and I continue to not only work on both strength and gymnastics skills.  I became proficient in handstand walking after two years of practice and got a bar muscle up after an even longer period of time.  It’s been lots of work, but I love it!  I love being healthy and fit.  And, it

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Gratitude in the Pandemic

It’s been hard on a lot of us to be cooped up inside.  And it’s even worse for those who are out of work, or those who had to close businesses during the pandemic.  Financial stress on top of being in quarantine makes for hard times for many.  Not to mention the devastation of the disease itself. It’s been over three weeks now since the stay-at-home order, and things have settled down into a new

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What is Joy?  Such a small word, yet it holds such meaning, such association, such remembrance and anticipation.  Such power for just three letters. Where does happiness end and Joy begin?  That is a question that many have tried to answer, and there are as many responses as there are people trying to define it. Recently, I stumbled on the most marvelous book about Joy.  I think it was reviewed in the Wall Street Journal,

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